Zoho Books Training

Olivet Cloud Solutions Zoho's training and certification platform gives you access to specialized programs designed to enhance your Zoho product knowledge and convey best practices for our comprehensive suite of apps. Set yourself apart from the competition with certificates and badges.

We offer two types of training - Virtual classrooms and one-on-one online training.
Virtual classrooms happen after finalizing a schedule which is published in our upcoming training page and users can register for a session that is convenient for them. This training will have users from multiple organizations present. Whereas, the one-on-one training happens upon a customer's request and at a time convenient for them. This training will have users (one or more) from a single organization only.

The blend of different business backgrounds in the classroom encourages knowledge sharing and interactive discussions with peers. Meet your classmates, share ideas, and advance your product skills—that’s what the classroom is designed for!

Elimination of travel time for you and your team
Opportunity to have your team trained very well
Immersive and peer-to-peer learning experiences
Real-time interactions and networking opportunities
Call 08033111066 or Email Trainings@olivetcloud.com


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